Recent Tastings: Italy

Tamellini 2005 Soave, Veneto, Italy, 100% Garganega grape, this wine from Soave presents pineapple, apple, and apricot aromas with a dry palate of apple nuts.  The finish is clean with a mineral quality.  This is a nice wine with length and complexity.  Highly recommended, 4 Stars.  The 2004 vintage is on sale here.

Ca’ De’ Medici Lambrusco Cubista, Lambrusco, Italy, Sparkling red with light fiz but a bit of tickle.  This is very fruit-forward with a rich, dark red color. It is almost like a pre-made sparkling wine cocktail, or a sweeter, slightly sparkly version of a Beaujolais. Lambrusco is a nice holiday drink to go with turkey or dessert or an excellent choice to relax with at a wine bar, 3 Stars, $7.99.  Finding some locally might take a bit of calling around, or you can find some online.

Gaetano D’Aquino 2004 Pinot Grigio, Aromas of herbs, grass/earth, and grapefruit with a dry, crisp, slightly acidic taste. More of a wine to drink with food than a sipping wine on its own, 3 Stars.

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