Now That’s A Pizza!

Being from New England originally, one of the things that I miss most living in the D.C. area is great New York-style pizza. Until a couple of weeks ago, I had pretty much resigned myself to living without it. Then one of my co-workers mentioned a place in Arlington called The Italian Store. She changed my world.

The Italian Store was founded in 1980 by the Tramonte family. Vincent Tramonte came to Virginia as a transplanted lawyer from New York City in the 1940’s. The son of Italian immigrants, he noticed the lack of good New York-style Italian food in Virginia as well as the great demand for it from other transplanted Northeasterners. Tramonte hatched a plan to open an Italian grocery, sub shop, and pizza parlour. The Italian Store was born a few years later based on that original business plan.

The plan has been a resounding success. The pizza is delicious and can be bought by the pie or by the slice. The ingredients are quality and the crust is thin. The subs are as close to New York as you will find in Northern Virginia, made with Italian meats and hard or soft Italian rolls. Better yet, The Italian Store has a large selection of Italian groceries and . . . wait for it . . . wine! The Store is filled with a wide variety of Italian red and whites. This place really does have all of the ingredients for a perfect dinner.

They don’t deliver, but they are worth the drive. I suggest that you call ahead.
4 Stars
Subs Appx. $7
Pizza from $15-$20

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  1. Have you checked out Litteri’s in DC? I call it the closest thing to a Little Italy in DC. It’s a great source for Italian food, though I haven’t had any of their subs. They also have a lot of wine in a little space.

    And welcome to the DC area wine blog scene!

  2. […] The best pizza is in the Northeast (see Epicurious) but if someone from the Northeast touts its pizza as superior to anything in DC, that person will be called at least ill-informed or, worse, a pizza snob. The reviewer at Wine with Dinner, a New Englander, has high praise for pizza from a place in Arlington called The Italian Store.   […]

  3. And the address for this wonderful pie?

    The Italian Store
    3123 Lee Hwy
    Arlington, VA 22201
    (703) 528-6266

    For those of us who live in the city, a trip to Arlington is a risky proposition without the benefit of Google Maps. Thanks for pointing out a new option for tasty slices and whole pies!

  4. Sorry about not including the address. I linked to the restaurant’s website in the article but sometimes the links can be hard to see on the site. I am thinking of changing the look.

  5. Hello,

    It’s been so long since I have had pizza, but appears we may have to make a trip to Arlington. I have several wines that should pair nicely. Arlington is about 10 minutes away from me so thank you for the recommendation.

    Happy Sipping!


  6. You still haven’t tried Victor’s in Bethesda. I went with my parents last weekend and they were quite pleased. The plain cheese has a “Greek pizza” thing going for it, but the specialty pizzas, and the ones with random toppings (my favorite: ricotta and tomato) are pretty gosh darn decent.

    –a Northeasterner.

  7. I tried Victor’s, though I have not had one of the specialties yet. It was good, particularly relative to most pizza in the area, but The Italian Store is better.

  8. Ah, yes, the Italian Store! Without question the best pizza in NoVA, though for quickie delivery at a good price, this former Long Islander likes Joe’s. Their calzones are stunning.

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